Intel’s Hardware-Assisted Security

A. Braunberg
A. Braunberg

Summary Bullets:

  • ‘Hardware-assisted security’ is Intel’s preferred phrase to describe how security features in its silicon can be used to deliver additional functionality to new or enhanced software-based threat protection products.
  • McAfee has been working hard to make Intel’s vision a reality, first with last month’s DeepSAFE announcement and then this week with the first look at Deep Defender and Deep Commander.

Last month, Intel and McAfee made a bit of a stir with their announcement of DeepSAFE technology that provides a foundational element for McAfee software to leverage security features in Intel silicon.  DeepSAFE is important to Intel, because it helps to justify the McAfee acquisition.  It got the market’s attention, because the technology was described repeatedly as “game-changing.”  Well, fast forward to this week and Intel/McAfee have released the first products that build on the DeepSAFE technology: Deep Defender and Deep Control.  Deep Defender monitors system activity (i.e., CPU and memory) to detect and block rootkits.  Deep Control is a plug-in for McAfee’s ePO management system that leverages Intel’s Active Management Technology to allow some very cool remote management and update capabilities on devices running Intel Core i5 vPro and Core i7 vPro processors.

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