Successful UC&C Implementation is More Than Just Service Deployment

C. Whelan
C. Whelan

Summary Bullets

  • Deployment of a UC&C solution does not automatically increase employee productivity, training is key to a successful implementation.
  • Changing communications practices and processes will be more challenging for some employees than others.  Enterprises and their service provider partners need to identify these groups and work together to ensure that users and the enterprise are getting the most from their UC implementation.

Two of the main value propositions driving the unified communications bandwagon are the cost savings and increased productivity promised by purveyors of these solutions.  Carriers are promising enterprises cost savings through reduced communications equipment needs and reduced operational expenses through on-demand applications and features.  Employee productivity is increased by enhanced collaboration tools such as document sharing, video and Web conferencing, enterprise-wide instant messaging and presence, integrated wireless and wireline voice services.  Sounds simple, right?  Deploy a UC solution and you’ll save money and your employees will be more effective. Continue reading “Successful UC&C Implementation is More Than Just Service Deployment”