Azzurri is Right – Bandwidth isn’t Everything When it Comes to the Cloud

G. Barton
G. Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • Bandwidth is important, but CoS/QoS and network monitoring services are also important.
  • UC, contact centre solutions, and the cloud are natural bedfellows.

The ongoing Eurozone crisis and the growing realisation that the downturn is for life (or at least the next few years), and not just for Christmas, is affecting the way enterprises spend. Companies that were holding back on investment and waiting for the storm to blow over have now realised that investment is necessary both to stay competitive and to increase business efficiency. The cloud is logical choice for these customers as it reduces the need for capital outlay and is usually available and paid for on a flexible, on-demand basis. However, the cost saving potential of cloud based solutions can be damaged when providers are also offering higher bandwidth services (EFM or fibre) with a marketing wrap that suggests this extra bandwidth is necessary to support cloud based services. Continue reading “Azzurri is Right – Bandwidth isn’t Everything When it Comes to the Cloud”