Wall Street Occupies the Thoughts of UC Developers

Brian Riggs
B. Riggs

Summary Bullets:

  • Financial market-related worries are causing major corporate shifts among UC solution developers.
  • IT buyers should ensure UC solution developers’ problems are not passed on to them.

Many major developers of UC solutions are in a state of disarray thanks in part to the financial markets.  Cisco, in response to investor complaints about its stagnant stock price, is in the latter phases of a corporate re-organization that saw major shifts in its business strategy and widespread layoffs.  Alcatel-Lucent, in what many believe to be a bid to raise a quick $1.5 billion in cash to help it make good on promises for a financial turnaround, is excising its Genesys contact center business from the larger enterprise organization – something that for years the company said it would never do.  Moreover, Avaya is preparing itself for an IPO to help pay back investor Silver Lake and reduce the debt incurred from its 2009 acquisition of Nortel’s enterprise business. Continue reading “Wall Street Occupies the Thoughts of UC Developers”