Q&A from MDM/BYOD Webinar Provides New Insights

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Operators are concerned with getting their word out more effectively to enterprise buyers.
  • Technology providers are looking for validation on BYOD trends, segmentation strategies, and future platform requirements.

Current Analysis held a webinar on February 1st and 2nd focused on global trends in enterprise mobility, providing insights derived from a survey we conducted among 600 businesses last fall.  Attendees included a large and diverse number of technology providers, including operators, networking equipment vendors, security vendors, consultants, and application developers.  The questions posed to us during the Q&A session revealed some of the underlying concerns of these vendors as they seek to develop solutions for their business customers.  Most of these vendors are helping businesses deal with the huge surge in mobile usage among their employees (as well as their partners and customers), which increasingly includes at least some personal mobile devices used to conduct business.

Operators were concerned about our findings that the majority of enterprises today are not using external service providers to help manage and secure mobile devices.  In fact, businesses are mostly doing this themselves with the help of the network equipment and security vendors from which they buy software and hardware solutions. So, what operators want to know is:

  • How can they more effectively reach businesses and convince them to sign on to their managed mobility solutions?
  • ­Which unique selling propositions for TEM and MDM should operators highlight?
  • How can they bundle network services, management services, and devices in a compelling way?
  • What price is a customer willing to pay for their management services?
  • Are companies looking for cloud or behind-the-firewall solutions?
  • Is BYOD just a fad, and if so, how long will it last?
  • What kinds of mobile security requirements do customers have?

Technology/network software and equipment vendors had other concerns. Although they seem to be the “go-to” providers of managed mobility and security, they are looking to provide the best features and functionality mix and trying to see the future to plan their next product development efforts.  They wanted to know:

  • What do enterprises need when it comes to mobile application development and management?
  • Which industries and corporate roles (IT vs. security vs. network operations) are the most likely buyers of MDM, security software, and mobile application management?
  • Do companies want to achieve seamless integration between desktop devices and smartphones/tablets?
  • ­Are in-house enterprise solutions providing remediation, resolution, and customer support all by themselves?
  • Are there any quantifications/rough estimates of the productivity gains achievable through BYOD?
  • What role will enterprise-specific application stores play in enterprise mobility?

We tried to answer most of these questions during or after the webinar (and our responses might be good fodder for a future blog), but they definitely show what issues are important to the vendors putting together solutions for enterprise mobility customers. The interest in the webinar also proved to us what a dynamic market this is (as if we did not think so already), and the Q&A allowed us to share insights (in both directions) with the leaders in the industry.

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