Charter Quietly Gets Down to Business with Fiber, Ethernet and SIP Trunking

B. Washburn
B. Washburn

Summary Bullets:        

  • In 2011, Charter Business added business capability, including long-haul services, EoHFC, and SIP trunking.
  • The cable industry bears watching as it moves up-market to grow business services revenue fast.

It is a misnomer that cable companies don’t “get it” when it comes to the opportunity for them to serve SMBs, enterprises, and wholesale partners.  Optimum Lightpath has a portfolio as complex as any telecom provider; Cox Business has built up a lot of resident telecom intelligence; Time Warner Cable Business Class and Comcast Business have pockets of resources that are very astute in delivering enterprise-class services.  The cable industry’s investments to build mid-market and enterprise-sized services have also been coming along, as all the major providers have bet big on switched metro Ethernet and, more recently, added ISDN PRI voice support. Continue reading “Charter Quietly Gets Down to Business with Fiber, Ethernet and SIP Trunking”