The Desktop is Dead, Long Live Client/Cloud Computing

B. Shimmin
B. Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Mobility within the enterprise has pushed a great deal of computing power down to the client in order to take advantage of services such as voice and video that are native to those devices.
  • But the real driving factor behind mobility, isn’t geolocation tools or two-way cameras, it’s the suite of cloud-based services that stand between enterprise systems and those devices.

When I first heard the late Steve Jobs describe the Apple iPad as a “magical device,” I was decidedly incredulous — an unusual state of mind for me, given my longstanding affinity for all things Apple. How could a super-sized mobile phone change things as Mr. Jobs suggested? As it turns out, the iPad (really, any Apple iOS or Android-based device) has somehow transported the entire industry back in time to circa 1996, when client/server computing architectures ruled the earth. Undoing more than a decade of work toward a lighter and lighter, Web-centric client model, the iPad and its ilk have pushed computing power away from the desktop and even laptop, putting it directly into the hands of an increasingly mobilized workforce. Continue reading “The Desktop is Dead, Long Live Client/Cloud Computing”