Apple’s New iPad Will No Doubt Sell, but Will It Protect?

B. Ostergaard
B. Ostergaard

Summary Bullets:         

  • The new iPad will fast-forward the number of powerful mobile devices used by executives.
  • Managing the security of these devices requires a clear company policy and IT staff support.

The new iPad is out of the Apple bag and it will hit select retail shelves in just two weeks’ time.  This will no doubt ignite a new round of tablet feeding frenzy and increase the BYOD factor in companies around the world over the next three to six months.  However, apart from the added pressure on enterprise IT to cater for yet more powerful mobile devices, what will be the impact on the support organization from a security perspective?  We know from global statistics that lost or stolen mobile devices constitute a glaring security hole in the corporate and public sector ranks.  With a lot more (very attractive) mobile devices out there, it sounds logical that a lot more corporate data is about to change hands – literally. Continue reading “Apple’s New iPad Will No Doubt Sell, but Will It Protect?”