App Platform Vendors Add to Enterprises’ Confusion over Mobility

C. Dunlap
C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Application platform providers’ general lack of a mobility strategy adds to the market confusion over mobile application platforms.
  • 2012 will be a key year in integration projects between EAP and MEAP.

No one needs a PowerPoint slide to convince a CIO of the unprecedented speed with which the mobile revolution has hit the industry.  Most execs are scrambling to get a mobile strategy in place after realizing the importance of mobile applications to their business’s future growth.  However, many receive a rude awakening when they learn that not all traditional application platform providers have a mobile strategy in place themselves which provides enterprises with the middleware integration necessary to connect mobile applications with back-end systems.  This integration is critical both from a B2E perspective, so that businesses may react more nimbly to the real-time needs of their customers, and from a B2C perspective, so consumers receive real-time information about services and products based on factors such as their location and history. Continue reading “App Platform Vendors Add to Enterprises’ Confusion over Mobility”