Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Learning from the U.S. Public Sector Advance

A. DeCarlo
A. DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • The pressure is on organizations to leverage technology models like cloud services to improve efficiencies and cut costs, but many still struggle to produce workable on-demand computing strategies.
  • Enterprises can learn from early adopters including the U.S. public sector, which has instituted mandates to encourage cloud use that should provide valuable insights to both the private sector and cloud providers.

Cloud computing is coming of age at a time when economic uncertainty and competitive pressures of globalization force organizations to be more efficient and more flexible.  As much as an on-demand computing model appeals as a way to cut costs and increase organizational agility, making the transition to the cloud can be difficult and complicated for enterprises that have substantial infrastructure and legacy applications. Continue reading “Crossing the Cloud Chasm: Learning from the U.S. Public Sector Advance”