IT Service Providers Continue Mobility Focus: Are They a Threat to Mobile Operators?

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • It has taken awhile, but not only have large SIs such as Accenture, CSC, IBM, and HP finally realized that enterprise mobility is a substantial growth area, but mobile access (and mobile-powered business transformation) is also becoming increasingly integrated into their technology-oriented and vertical consulting and integration initiatives.  Even M2M is now a major focus.
  • Mobile operators are also focused on professional services and managed mobility for large enterprises and MNCs, where they would theoretically go up against the large SIs.  How do they differ?

Talking to the large SIs (e.g., Accenture, HP, IBM, CSC, T-Systems) makes it clear how important mobility has become as an enabler of business transformation, in addition to its traditional role as a way to ensure equal access to remote and traveling employees.  Mobile operators have recognized this for a long time, but SIs are starting to ramp up their initiatives in a major way.  It just took them longer to appreciate how important and transformative mobility is becoming.  With BYOD on everyone’s lips, and MDM and other ‘point’ solutions giving way to a view of providing secure, equal ‘anywhere, anytime’ access to corporate information to all endpoints regardless of technology, the perception of mobility is changing for many service providers, whether IT-focused or communications-centric. Continue reading “IT Service Providers Continue Mobility Focus: Are They a Threat to Mobile Operators?”