Developers Aspire to Deliver ‘Consumer-Grade’ Products to Businesses

Brian Riggs
Brian Riggs

Summary Bullets:

  • ‘Consumer-grade’ is becoming a new design objective for developers of enterprise communications gear.
  • Ease of use and ‘joy of use’ currently define consumer-grade solutions in business.

As an industry analyst tracking the market for business communications solutions, I’ve long tossed about the terms ‘enterprise-grade’ and ‘carrier-grade.’  Carrier-grade systems are characterized as massively scalable, extremely reliable, very expensive, fully multitenant, and potentially complicated to deploy and manage – the sorts of things that service providers use to base a hosted PBX service on or an absolutely huge enterprise deploys because it needs, for example, an IMS infrastructure of its own.  Enterprise-grade systems are a notch down: highly scalable but supporting tens rather than hundreds of thousands of end users, meeting but not exceeding ‘five nines’ reliability requirements, not cheap but competitively priced.  A notch below that are SMB systems which are even less scalable, low cost, and typically lack the high-availability features inherent to enterprise-grade solutions. Continue reading “Developers Aspire to Deliver ‘Consumer-Grade’ Products to Businesses”