Current Analysis Users Cite Confusion over EAP Providers’ MEAP Offerings

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Enterprises confused about MEAP offerings continue to use homegrown platforms.
  • Key drivers spurring adoption include improved ease of use, security, and customer service.

Even though BYOD is here to stay, confusion continues to swirl among enterprise IT professionals over how to launch mobile strategies.  These users are equally baffled over what to expect from middleware providers in the way of mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) offerings.  User feedback via the Current Analysis’ enterprise and IT user community (i.e., IT Connection) reveals that most continue to use homegrown MEAPs to build mobile applications.  Moreover, while the majority of these users would prefer to have solutions provided to them by their traditional application platform providers, they remain confused over product strategies.  Specifically, users said they would be most motivated to adopt commercial MEAP offerings if they ensured better ease of use to the development process.  Improved security was another primary motivator for moving to commercial app platforms. Continue reading “Current Analysis Users Cite Confusion over EAP Providers’ MEAP Offerings”