The Great Security Skills Shortage

Paula Musich
Paula Musich

Summary Bullets:              

  • IT security specialists need to expand their skills range, especially in technology areas that are seeing  the greatest amount of new investment
  • Employers looking for good candidates need to put resources into training and mentoring programs in order to cultivate the mix of skills they are seeking

Here’s an interesting conundrum:  There is an acute skills shortage in the IT security job market, but at the same time those with security skills are being turned away when they seek to advance through new job openings.  It appears to be a combination of factors that have created this scenario.  In a recent TechTarget article, George Hulme argues that there are unrealistic expectations on the part of those hiring.  Many organizations appear to be looking for candidates with multiple talents.  Not only do they want specialists, they want candidates to be specialists in multiple areas, and they want those candidates to have some leadership skills or business acumen. Continue reading “The Great Security Skills Shortage”