Hands-on with AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:
•    AT&T recently launched its Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT) service, available on three ruggedized devices, and gave us a hands-on demo
•    Did the test meet our expectations and what did we learn about AT&T’s opportunity and the PTT market in general?

AT&T provided our analysts a chance to get “hands-on” with its EPTT solution on the 4G LTE Rugby Galaxy Pro. We have been writing about PTT recently, wondering aloud about the size of the market opportunity. AT&T’s launch was certainly timely, as Sprint is rapidly cutting off its remaining iDEN users (even charging them $10 to stay on the network), which will strand what has been the biggest base of PTT users if they don’t upgrade to Sprint’s upgraded QChat CDMA based offering.

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