It’s E-mail, Jim, but Not as We Know It

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Reports foretelling the death of e-mail are greatly exaggerated.  Thanks to its ubiquity and compatibility, e-mail communication is poised to outlive the Facebook generation.
  • However, for e-mail to flourish within the enterprise, it must be seen in an entirely new light, as a medium capable of contextualizing, prioritizing, and thereby elevating the efficacy of this type of content.

In season 1, episode 25 of Star Trek (the original series), Captain James T. Kirk and his indispensable science officer Mr. Spock come face to face with an apparently hostile creature (the Horta) capable of moving through solid rock.  (Yes, I’m a Trekkie.)  As it turns out, the creature’s malice was in response to a lack of understanding on the part of human kind, who failed to look beyond the alien nature of the silicon-based Horta to see the fact that it, like they, was only trying to protect itself and its loved ones.  Thankfully, after some initial missteps, the two parties were able to find commonality and begin working together very effectively. Continue reading “It’s E-mail, Jim, but Not as We Know It”