Disruption (and Progress) in the Cloud, Continued

  • Amy Larsen DeCarlo
    Amy Larsen DeCarlo

    One of the bigger benefits promised by the cloud is cost-effective access to the latest and greatest technology, often including compute-intensive services that were out of reach for all but the largest enterprises.

  • Providers are now delivering some advanced services through the cloud including analytics and ERP applications.  The migration to the cloud, and away from a conventional consumption model, is having a profound impact on the hardware suppliers and the competitive playing field.  How will this shake up effect service delivery and customer choice?

In the traditional client/server computing model that dominated the market for so many years, organizations relied on a Cap-Ex-centered approach to IT consumption where their individual technology pursuits were tied directly to often tight hardware budgets and procurement cycles.  New application upgrades were linked to long term licensing agreements and sometimes lengthy hardware depreciation time tables. This could push some often ambitious processing-intensive projects well into the future or even outside the realm of possibility. Continue reading “Disruption (and Progress) in the Cloud, Continued”

What Comes After Enterprise Social Networking? Business Networking

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Enterprise social networking is nothing more than a passing fancy, at least in terms of describing the idea of collaboration.
  • For a view into what will follow, we need look no further than our own corporate priorities and the manner in which vendors seek to meet those priorities.

Language is a slippery customer. We mold and evolve words and phrases to meet our expectations of how the world works at any given time. For that reason, words and phrases come and go, depending upon whether or not they fulfill this need. And as I’ve been informed, many of the beloved words from my youth are no longer meaningful, words like preppie, hoser, rad, tubular and of course groupware. Continue reading “What Comes After Enterprise Social Networking? Business Networking”