Without Standards Conformance, OpenFlow Fails to Deliver Interoperability

  • Mike Fratto
    Mike Fratto

    Standards without conformance are useless. Conformance testing resolves varying interpretations which enables interoperability.

  • OpenFlow is starting to fragment along product and vendor partner lines, which isn’t good for either vendors or customers.

When it comes to standards, most if not all IT professionals agree that standards are important. The obvious reason is that standards allow enterprises to integrate the software and hardware they want to use rather than being confined to a subset of products from one vendor or a vendor’s partner program. That’s the high road. The reality is that IT just wants equipment that works whether or not they are standards based, and that’s because having a technical standard isn’t going to enable interoperation and integration. Continue reading “Without Standards Conformance, OpenFlow Fails to Deliver Interoperability”