CTIA 2013’s Emerging Technology Awards for Enterprise Solutions

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • CTIA 2013, held last week in Las Vegas, was explicitly not about the enterprise, since that is still the domain of the fall CTIA show, MobileCon, until 2014.
  • However, in addition to a few enterprise announcements (see CTIA 2013: M2M With a Splash of Enterprise Mobility, May 24, 2013), there were also two sets of emerging technology awards given to enterprise solutions; one set was for Enterprise Cloud/Mobility and the other for Enterprise Security, Fraud and Privacy. Is this yet another way to derive a few meaningful enterprise insights from CTIA?

The following vendors and products won awards at CTIA under the Emerging Technology program:

Emerging Tech Award Winners – Enterprise/Cloud Mobility

  • LogMeIn, Cubby
  • Canvas, MyCanvas
  • Averail, Averail Access

Cubby is a secure, cloud-based document management/collaboration system for sharing/editing documents within workgroups, and features both client side and data side encryption, remote mobile lockout if desired or necessary, and multiple synchronization options. It’s positioned as similar to Box or DropBox, but with more security and unlimited synchronization. My Canvas allows any smartphone to be used in place of paper-based forms used for data entry, and allows businesses to create custom mobile apps that generate reports on this data. The data can then be shared with their customers via an Internet portal. Averail Access is a mobile content solution for the enterprise that provides employees an intuitive mobile app to access, manage and share business information without sacrificing enterprise security and control. It links directly to Sharepoint and Office 365 with support for Office docs, pdfs, images, video and audio files.

Emerging Tech Award Winners – Enterprise Security/Fraud/Privacy

  • Red Bend Software, TRUE Solution for BYOD
  • Fixmo, SafeZone with Secure Gesture Authentication
  • mSignia, Behavioral Enhanced Risk based Authentication and Security

TRUE is an end-to-end solution for mobile device manufacturers and service providers to create and manage dual-persona mobile devices that are “TRUsted by the Enterprise” for employee use. It includes Red Bend’s full suite of products for mobile software management and mobile virtualization, including its secure Type 1 mobile hypervisor dual persona solution. Red Bend and Samsung are currently trialing a TRUE version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. SafeZone Secure Gesture Authentication features Fixmo’s defense-grade secure workspace (container) that is encrypted, contained and managed by IT independent of the device itself, and which has recently been enhanced with the ability to create a strong passcode using a fluid free-form gesture on a touchscreen; the gesture cannot be easily replicated and Fixmo claims it is both stronger and easier to use than traditional passwords. Behavioral Enhanced Risk Based Authentication and Security leverages patented technology from mSignia that “infuses behavior” in order to provide four factor authentication, (i.e., what you have, know, are, and do). Knowledge of the user (behavior, user location and user secrets) is used to identify the unique combination of the device and the user that customizes it. In BYOD environments mSignia claims this authentication method is truly unique and secure.

Some of these award participants were unique, while others offer similarly themed advances to existing security, BYOD and content management solutions. The awards prove that the enterprise mobility ecosystem is still coming out with differentiated and innovative solutions for the enterprise customer (as well as for the systems integrator and mobile operator channels that will need to sort through and potentially resell some of these offers).

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