Oracle Rethinks Its Solo Cloud Act

Amy Larsen DeCarlo
Amy Larsen DeCarlo

Summary Bullets:

  • Oracle is enlisting a number of partners to help the company catch up to more nimble rivals that leapfrogged the software giant in the cloud.   These allies include Microsoft and, two partners which might be best classified as ‘frenemies.’
  • The deal with Microsoft in particular represents a sharp about-face from Oracle’s more single-minded strategy which traditionally has been focused on crushing its rival rather than embracing the desktop software giant.

You might say Oracle has evolved its cloud position, slowly.  In the years since CEO Larry Ellison derided cloud computing as nothing more than a passing tech marketing fad, the once niche segment has gone mainstream.  Now on-demand titans like Amazon Web Services and are driving the market forward with their multibillion dollar enterprises, and customers are clamoring for the flexibility and cost advantages of a consumption-based IT delivery model.  Even Oracle’s Ellison recognizes the need to do more than slap ‘as a service’ on its marketing materials.  Continue reading “Oracle Rethinks Its Solo Cloud Act”