Why Pivotal Cloud Foundry Needs a Mobile App Platform


Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Pivotal and VMware announce a joint hybrid cloud integration effort called Pivotal CF
  • Arguments for why a mobile app platform will enhance the cloud offering

Pivotal, the VMware PaaS spin-off, received some of the limelight this week at VMware’s VMworld 2013, as the two companies announced plans to co-develop a hybrid PaaS for vSphere and vCloud, based on Cloud Foundry. Alongside VMware, Pivotal has already caught the attention of some notable industry names in recent months as it continues efforts to build out its ecosystem. Recent Pivotal wins include IBM and Savvis, which are using Cloud Foundry as their standard PaaS platforms beneath their own platform services, adding further validation to the cloud service.

Looking forward, we’re seeing very compelling reasons for combining cloud and mobile solutions to help PaaS providers strike a competitive advantage. As Pivotal works to add hybrid PaaS to VMware’s cloud services, here’s why it needs to integrate mobile app platform services as part of its highly anticipated cloud offering in Q4:

  • Advanced application development, especially for mobile apps, is one of the primary drivers for platform services which support self-service, automated provisioning including elasticity for ease and agility in app development and deployment.
  • After announcing the hybrid cloud integration effort, called Pivotal CF, with VMware this week during VMworld, having a mobile app platform will help fill out that offering and provide VMware vSphere customers with the platform services they need for complex mobile projects.
  • Backend integration is one of the major pain points for mobile app developers, who will increasingly look for this task to be fulfilled as an as-a-service offering.
  • Pivotal’s two leading enterprise PaaS rivals, SAP and IBM, have recently integrated best-of-breed mobile app platforms as a service of their PaaS, respectively. Including MEAP or MBaaS services with Cloud Foundry will ensure Pivotal remains competitive.

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