Sprint Rallies with New Wireline Business Services Developments

Brian Washburn
Brian Washburn

Summary Bullets:

  • Wireline revenue erosion aside, Sprint continues to invest and keep its wireline services portfolio fresh.
  • Sprint returns to transport with Ethernet Wave, but there is little room to differentiate in this highly competitive space.

For many years now, Sprint has been meeting its challenges in wireless while facing ongoing struggles in its wireline business services.  As a wireless provider, Sprint has household name brand recognition.  Fewer people know the company as a still-major national and global provider of an array of business services.  In wireline, the provider has focused on retaining existing customers with high-quality service instead of investing heavily to recruit new clients.  Sprint has shown very high customer satisfaction for its business wireline services.  However, factors such as falling prices, discontinued legacy services and natural attrition have taken their toll: For H1 2013, for example, Sprint’s net wireline revenues were down 10% year-over-year from H1 2012; wireless now represents about 90% of Sprint’s revenues and profits. Continue reading “Sprint Rallies with New Wireline Business Services Developments”