The Never-Ending Cat and Mouse Game

Paula Musich
Paula Musich

Summary Bullets:

  • Two legs of the security stool’s people, process and technology equation are routinely underserved.
  • Progress toward more relevant and actionable threat intelligence sharing is inching forward.

Cyber thieves continue to improve their game, bringing great creativity, technical skills, good organization, communication and financial backing to their illicit endeavors.  In a fine example of life imitating art, an Ocean’s 12-style gang robbed the UK’s Barclays bank last April, blending a creative mix of system compromise with social engineering in the flesh and technical skills to make off with about $2 million.  As reported in CSO Magazine, the gang sent one of its members into a Barclay’s branch, posing as an IT guy to fix a computer problem.  While there, he installed a KVM switch linked to a router, which in turn was attached to a computer at the branch.  The installation allowed the gang to transfer money from the bank to other accounts under their control.  When they tried a similar heist at another London bank not six months later, they were caught. Continue reading “The Never-Ending Cat and Mouse Game”