Analytics, Analytics Everywhere, but Whither to Take a Drink

Brad Shimmin
Brad Shimmin

Summary Bullets:

  • Just as with social networking workflows, technology vendors are actively building analytics into line-of-business applications in an effort to make data not only meaningful, but actually useful in driving business decisions.
  • The trouble is that truly useful analytics functionality must sit on top of an extremely complex set of technologies, creating a size mismatch between business app and foundational analytics system.

Annual customer trade shows always deliver a key message, a marketing meme meant to follow attendees home and influence future purchasing decisions.  This is typically accomplished via the creation of strong associations between core products and some industry mega trend, such as the consumerization of IT, mobility, social networking, cloud delivery, etc.  This year’s IBM Connect, which previously went by the name of Lotusphere for those keeping score, was no different.  Those uber-trends mentioned above were woven throughout the show’s many keynotes and breakout sessions in support of IBM’s collaborative portfolio.  However, this year marked the arrival of a new area of focus that I think will greatly change IBM itself as well as influence its buyers, namely analytics. Continue reading “Analytics, Analytics Everywhere, but Whither to Take a Drink”