MWC 2014: MEAP Will Thrive on New Channel Partnerships and Deployment Services

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Partnerships will be a key theme at MWC, both technology and SPs/mobile operators.
  • Cloud services will be part of MEAP deployment options in 2014.

If innovative developers can write an app that lets a distributor know when the Snickers bars are getting low in a vending machine, can’t someone write a mobile app that shows me the shortcuts between Hall 3 and Hall 8 so I can make my meetings on time?

Okay, clearly I’m a newbie at Mobile World Congress, so much so I actually watched the virtual walk-through of the conference centers this morning, which is why I’m in a panic right now.  So, while I’m hunting for that Fira Gran Via app, I’m looking forward to checking out other new, innovative apps and enhanced mobile app platforms which will help kick enterprise mobile projects into high gear. Continue reading “MWC 2014: MEAP Will Thrive on New Channel Partnerships and Deployment Services”