M2M MVNO Update: Going Up the Value Chain

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Back in the olden days (2000-2007), there were close to a dozen M2M connectivity aggregators that were the primary companies selling M2M connectivity to businesses.
  • The market has changed substantially, with the mobile operators selling mostly direct, but many of the original set of MVNOs are alive and well and going way beyond connectivity to stay relevant.

When M2M first became a recognized market for cellular connectivity in the early 2000s, operators saw it as a wholesale opportunity, letting MVNOs sell to business customers, especially for small-to-mid-sized deals.  In those days, the primary use cases were sensor data collection, machine automation, fleet management, home security monitoring and some cellular point-of-sale and ATM connections.  Satellite service providers were also in the mix, collecting data from far flung or ‘hostile’ remote locations.  In 2005, there were about a dozen cellular connectivity aggregators/MVNOs (several of which claimed from the beginning that since they owned their own network elements, they weren’t really MVNOs, but carriers, which is technically true).  The big ones were Jasper Wireless (no longer an MVNO), Wyless, Aeris.net, RACO Wireless, Kore Telematics, Numerex, Orbcomm and Jazz Wireless. Continue reading “M2M MVNO Update: Going Up the Value Chain”