Does MEAP Risk Becoming a Commodity Service?

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Will MEAP become a commodity?  Yes, if it forces developers into proprietary software.
  • Pure-play Kony differentiates on innovation and use of industry standards/open source technologies.

Now that mobility is mainstream, does the current mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) market model risk becoming like a commodity service?  There’s no way that MEAP is a market area that no longer innovates or experiences upheaval, outside of downward pricing pressures.  However, the concern is for those mobile app platforms that restrict developers to the confines of proprietary software with no way to add open source tools.  This boxed-in approach risks becoming like a commodity service, incapable of innovating.  Fortunately, leading mobile app platform providers realize this and have been moving towards open standards, such as JSON and REST services, supporting developers’ desire to use open source tools for app development/deployment involving infrastructure, tool sets, plug-ins, and development languages. Continue reading “Does MEAP Risk Becoming a Commodity Service?”