Sprint Reveals “Disruptive” Business Strategy, but Does It Differ from Competitors?

Kathryn Weldon
Kathryn Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • After its acquisition by SoftBank, Sprint had been pretty quiet regarding its business services and strategies.
  • It’s questionable how different Sprint’s new sales and marketing organization, and new approach to business services is from competing operators.

In a recent briefing to the analyst community, Sprint opened up about its plans for the business market. It has had a new B2B team since fall 2013, which includes corporate liable sales of embedded products, cards, handsets, tablets, M2M, as well as business-focused wireless and cloud services. It also divides the Fortune 1000 regionally into Eastern and Western U.S. companies. Sprint’s aim is to be disruptive: it used to sell based on technology and “speeds and feeds”, but found that this approach didn’t work and now is selling solutions instead. The company conducted focus groups to find out what keeps CIOs up at night; it came up with three key issues and their associated solutions. Continue reading “Sprint Reveals “Disruptive” Business Strategy, but Does It Differ from Competitors?”