Distributors Take Their Logistics and Delivery Model to the Cloud

Brian Washburn
Brian Washburn

Summary Bullets:

  • Large distributors may seem disadvantaged when markets go to cloud; they have benefits of customer relationships and clout.
  • WAN providers’ cloud services are uncommon in distributors’ portfolios: may want to consider whether this is a conscious decision.

The distinctions between technology vendors and service providers used to be more clear-cut – until they weren’t any longer. We’ve all seen the impact of some leading technology companies in cloud, for example Microsoft selling Azure and Office 365 services on one hand, and the Azure-derived Cloud OS platform for service providers on the other. We’ve also witnessed how IBM and HP have reorganized their business around the cloud opportunity, aligning cloud-related software, hardware and services so they don’t cause friction with each other. VMware with its vCloud Hybrid Service is yet another example. Continue reading “Distributors Take Their Logistics and Delivery Model to the Cloud”