Enterprises Will Embrace MEAPs that Leverage Open-Source, Standards-based Technologies

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • As part of the MEAP evolution, traditional middleware vendors differentiate via new frameworks
  • Gateway servers and API services are key to backend integration strategies

2014 is the year mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAP) and mobile cloud services have finally appeared on the enterprise radar. In the past 12 months, MEAPs have evolved from mostly proprietary solutions to ones which leverage open source and standards-based mobile technologies, solutions that decouple front end and back-end platforms to cater to mobile developers’ framework familiarity, and cloud-based integration services to ease backend integration requirements. As a result, enterprises have gone from primarily outsourcing mobile app development or relying on homegrown solutions, to looking to traditional middleware providers to fulfill technology needs. Continue reading “Enterprises Will Embrace MEAPs that Leverage Open-Source, Standards-based Technologies”