Dynamic WAN Bandwidth Provisioning Powered by Pacnet’s SDN Impresses

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

Summary Bullets:

  • Interest in SDN is growing in the APAC market, but its impact is first being felt among the carrier community.
  • SDN offers the internal efficiency needed for APAC carriers to provide more dynamic and flexible network options to their customers, but it is their data center customers which get the benefits.

I just returned from a long trip to Hong Kong and Singapore, where I chaired some sessions of the 2014 SDN & OpenFlow Asia-Pacific Congress and had the opportunity to speak at the ONF Workshop that ran the day before the Congress. Aside from the truly remarkable hospitality I enjoyed in both cities, the thing I found most interesting was the preponderance of carrier companies in attendance at these events. This makes a ton of sense, considering the somewhat different nature of the APAC market and how the network infrastructure is changing for them. Continue reading “Dynamic WAN Bandwidth Provisioning Powered by Pacnet’s SDN Impresses”