Real-Time Analytics – The Next Boon to Customer Engagement Technology?

Ken Landoline
Ken Landoline

Summary Bullets:

  • The standard methodology used for analytics in customer interactions for the past decade has been to record the voice interaction between a customer and a call center agent, along with the agent’s keystrokes during the transaction, and review the recordings at a later time to determine what if anything could have been done better to improve the call.
  • Real-time analytics allows the analysis of the interaction as it takes place and enables the making of real-time business decisions to improve customer service while enhancing business operations in terms of increased revenues and improved efficiency.

There is little doubt that the ongoing shift from historical interaction analysis of contact center voice and data traffic to a real-time approach has the potential to revolutionize the level of customer care in the coming few years while vastly improving enterprise operations. Although any analysis of ongoing operations is better than no analysis at all, the major portion of available recorded data today continues to go unanalyzed in many contact centers. The reason for this is the fact that the analysis of the recorded data has always required a great deal of time, which disturbs the flow of operations by taking supervisors away from their main job – supervising agents. The result was that only a small, single-digit percentage of recorded traffics was ever analyzed and that was typically when something went very wrong. Continue reading “Real-Time Analytics – The Next Boon to Customer Engagement Technology?”