Real World to SDN Vendors: Give Us a Break, Already

Steven Hill
Steven Hill

Summary Bullets:

  • There’s no question that SDN can solve a number of problems facing the next generation of network administrators, but those problems may not be as earth-shaking as vendors would like you to believe.
  • SDN solutions, regardless of vendor, have been facing slow adoption, perhaps because the pain points they address may only be minor irritations to the typical enterprise today.

Those of us who have been involved in the IT industry for more than a decade or two have seen some pretty substantial changes to the fundamental way we get things done. Major tectonic shifts such as graphical user interfaces and server virtualization have reshaped the way we build our infrastructure by abstracting all the underlying minutia that it actually takes to get something done. As a rule, however, those types of changes impact a large set of technology users on a much grander scale by efficiencies that are easily measureable. Yet, as far as SDN goes, the operation of the network itself is the responsibility of a very small group of individuals who are charged with keeping the system up and running to whatever number of ‘nines’ your business requires, so whatever benefits SDN may actually provide will only directly affect them… with the hope that the rest of the benefits will appear in the form of improved network performance that may or may not be apparent to the end user. Continue reading “Real World to SDN Vendors: Give Us a Break, Already”