IBM’s Apple Mobile Solutions Could Indicate How Enterprises Will Implement Mobility

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • IBM’s Apple partnership could provide an enterprise mobility case study
  • IBM has honed four key MobileFirst solutions to encourage adoption/partnerships

We analysts like to say once emerging technology starts to take shape, it then becomes all about execution as far as how likely a vendor will succeed in the market. In the area of mobility IBM has put competitive differences aside over the past several months and established key partnerships with one-time rivals in order to meet customers as they look to embark on mobile app development projects. Other partnerships include SAP and Microsoft (SAP and Microsoft have just established a similar partnership).

Literally establishing offices down at the Cupertino Apple campus, IBM has been busy readying new mobile apps and solutions targeting potential Apple enterprise customers. The new partnership will inevitably provide a nice case study of enterprises looking to leverage mobility to improve/augment businesses.   Continue reading “IBM’s Apple Mobile Solutions Could Indicate How Enterprises Will Implement Mobility”