The Pendulum’s Swing Back to Privacy is Just Getting Started

Paula Musich
Paula Musich

Summary Bullets:

  • The growing use of encryption, especially in smartphones, gives privacy controls back to end users, much to law enforcement’s chagrin.
  • The backlash against government snooping is just getting started, and it will only get louder with time and a potential defining event that will spur widespread calls for reform.

The government met last month with Apple executives to talk about the new encryption technology used in Apple IOS 8 and now Google’s Android Lollipop release that can block government access to information on smartphones, even if law enforcement has a court order. IOS 8 encrypts all data on the device and passcode protects it. Data can’t be accessed without the passcode, which Apple does not have access to. The Justice Department, FBI, NSA and others are demanding access; the industry is saying customers demand their privacy. Who’s right? The widely used WhatsApp chat service also just significantly upgraded its encryption. I think the government over-reached (especially with the NSA’s Prism program) and failed to understand the gathering backlash created by the Snowden leaks, and the high tech industry, including Apple, is seeing a negative impact on business as a result of lost customer trust. Continue reading “The Pendulum’s Swing Back to Privacy is Just Getting Started”