All in it Together: Enterprises Join Threat Intelligence Alliances to Combat Security Risk

John Marcus
John Marcus

Summary Bullets:

  • Crowdsourcing in cybersecurity is not new, but it is gaining significant traction with heavyweight sponsors
  • Enterprises can benefit from participating, with the potential value outweighing any perceived costs

It’s impossible for any one organization to keep up with every current security threat on its own. That’s why enterprises use tools and managed services from security vendors in the first place, right? But even those specialists who have invested millions in real-time security intelligence and analytics platforms–and/or armies of security analysts—can’t know or predict everything. That’s why numerous initiatives have been started to pool threat monitoring resources together in a cooperative fashion and on a large scale, using crowdsourcing techniques to protect the community as a whole.

On May 14th, IBM announced that more than 1,000 organizations across 16 industries are participating in its X-Force Exchange threat intelligence network, just one month after its launch. IBM X-Force Exchange provides open access to historical and real-time data feeds of threat intelligence, including reports of live attacks from IBM’s global threat monitoring network, to help enterprises defend against cybercrime. The company provided free access to its 700 terabyte threat database, including two decades of malicious cyberattack data from IBM, as well as anonymous threat data from thousands of its managed security clients. It already supports an average of 1,000 data queries from participating organizations each day. Continue reading “All in it Together: Enterprises Join Threat Intelligence Alliances to Combat Security Risk”