APIs Continue to Shore Up Mobile, Cloud Offerings

Charlotte Dunlap
Charlotte Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • API services have become the key component of today’s mobile and cloud offerings.
  • Two significant integration platform announcements by IBM and Software AG (respectively) are shored up by API services.

API services remain one of the key pillars of today’s cloud-based and mobile app development technologies. Behind many of the recent integration, mobile, and PaaS announcements is a strong API story, because a key requirement of developers’ integration efforts is ensuring connection between new apps and accessing data routines. Furthermore, a key requirement of IT/DevOps’ involvement in the management of app development/deployment is in ensuring APIs can be accessed and exposed for maximum use and efficiency.

Take two integration platform leaders, IBM and Software AG, both having API-related announcements in the past week. Continue reading “APIs Continue to Shore Up Mobile, Cloud Offerings”