SD-WAN and IoT: A Long Road Ahead

Mike Fratto
Mike Fratto

•SD-WAN products are well suited to address the complexity and scale of IoTAs diversity in IoT grows.

• SD-WAN vendors will be challenged to address the specific needs of new and increasingly specialized IoT products.

Commercial IoT networking in the short term is more about connecting and protecting IoT devices and gateways that are already deployed, or will be soon, rather than having to support a raft of new, IP addressable devices. The IoT name has been equally applied to what otherwise are called sensor networks, command networks, industrial Ethernet, and other network-attached devices. SCADA devices certainly fall into this realm. The difference being that these devices are being connected—on purpose or inadvertently—to public networks and exposing them to the potential for additional attacks.
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Application Integration Is Key to Delivering Effective Collaboration

Gary Barton
Gary Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • Integration with a range of business applications and the ability for solutions to work outside the organisation are key features for valuable UCC solutions.
  • Enterprises should tell vendors what they want from systems integration offers.

This week, BroadSoft announced its plans for its new Project Tempo initiative to deliver integrated unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services based on the vendor’s UC-One platform. The initiative will begin in January 2016 with beta trials of ‘UC-One Hub,’ a cloud service designed to integrate real-time communication services (e.g., IP voice, IM and e-mail) with third-party hosted/cloud-based applications. BroadSoft states that UC-One Hub will also provide ‘contextual intelligence’ for users. Continue reading “Application Integration Is Key to Delivering Effective Collaboration”