Vendors Shouldn’t Underestimate the Importance of Validation in Switch Disaggregation

M. Fratto
M. Fratto

Summary Bullets:

  • Most companies don’t have the people, processes, or desire to do their own in-depth validation of disaggregated switching products.
  • Networking vendors won’t succeed unless they take the lead by validating integration and offering technical support and professional services.

There’s no doubt that customers want integrated IT systems both for internal systems and for delivering services to their end users. While IT will, at times, perform some of the integration work itself, the reality is that enterprises strongly prefer more guaranteed, out-of-the-box integration between systems. DevOps is cool and all, but let’s face it: most enterprise IT shops are not capable of DevOps because they lack the developers to ensure smooth integration. This is why validated integration is so important for enterprises. Granted, validated integration is no guarantee that systems will actually work well together, but it does provide assurance that if they don’t, the vendor or integrator can assist in problem resolution. Continue reading “Vendors Shouldn’t Underestimate the Importance of Validation in Switch Disaggregation”