The Most Important Enterprise Development Technologies for 2016

C. Dunlap
C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

• Behind many recent integration, mobile, and PaaS announcements is a strong API story

• Microservices is one of the year’s biggest phenomenon but it’s still not for everyone such as a small team of developers using a single language

In response to new application development imperatives, companies began leveraging the cloud and new services such as mobility, agile app development and automated infrastructure to digitize IT and business processes in 2015. A number of new technologies are becoming available as-a-service to address developer and IT operations requirements to mobilize applications, integrate new apps with backend data, and leverage cloud-based application infrastructures and architectures to achieve faster and more nimble development. These key technologies which will drive enterprise initiatives for achieving digital mandates in 2016 are API services, cloud services, microservices, and mobile services with a new emphasis on user experience (UX) design. (For an expanded version of this blog, please see Technologies Enterprise Buyers Need to Get Their Head Around in 2016.) Continue reading “The Most Important Enterprise Development Technologies for 2016”