Accessing the Digital Economy: It’s About Bandwidth and Applications

G. Barton
G. Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • The economy is moving online and failure to respond is likely to lose enterprises business.
  • SMEs are likely to be the least well prepared to take advantage of the digital economy, but the transition can be relatively straightforward.

Much attention has been given in the UK over the last six months to the provisioning (or lack thereof) of broadband services.  Much of the criticism that has been levelled at Openreach, and by association BT, has related to concerns about the perceived lack of progress in rolling out superfast and ultrafast broadband services.  The UK government has now also dropped its commitment to the provision of universal broadband access.  This in itself is something that businesses, especially those in rural areas, should seek to have their say on. Continue reading “Accessing the Digital Economy: It’s About Bandwidth and Applications”