What Enterprises Can Expect from Enterprise Mobility Services Providers

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

Summary Bullets:

  • Current Analysis’s recently updated reports on global enterprise mobility services providers show relatively static portfolios.
  • There were some notable exceptions, with some providers focused on new business tariffs, network upgrades, and security enhancements, along with portfolio restructuring to add simplicity.

In October, Current Analysis updated its profiles on the leading global enterprise mobility services providers, including both operator-led or operator-affiliated companies (AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, DT/T-Systems, BT, Orange Business Services, and Telefonica) and IT service providers (IBM, CSC, HPE, and Accenture). While some aspects of these providers’ portfolios have been stagnant (or stable, depending on one’s interpretation) over the last six months, two things stand out. First, while portfolios may not have not changed dramatically, this does not imply that service providers believe there are limited growth opportunities in the market; and, second, for those companies that did add new services or restructured their portfolios, differentiation is important. As a result, pricing or service elements may need recrafting to meet customer needs more effectively and competitively. Continue reading “What Enterprises Can Expect from Enterprise Mobility Services Providers”