The Top Five DevOps Takeaways from Google Cloud Next

C. Dunlap
C. Dunlap

Summary Bullets:

  • Google made its play for the enterprise based on hefty investment abilities and innovation in app development platforms and data analytics.
  • Google says it’s doubling down this year, and already winning over half of its cloud deal bids.

Pitted against Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Google understands its messaging needs to address its ability to cater to the mission-critical businesses of global enterprises embarking on new digital initiatives. In a word, it’s about innovation. That’s exactly what execs focused on this week during Google Cloud Next in San Francisco: a shift from consumer to enterprise apps that will carry large organizations into the next wave of cloud computing, which spans from high-level concepts around applications that leverage AI and machine learning to build apps that actually learn outcomes to emerging DevOps app development models and architectures. (Please see this Advisory Report for more coverage.) Continue reading “The Top Five DevOps Takeaways from Google Cloud Next”