WannaCrypt Global Ransomware Attack Highlights a Worsening Data Hijacking Epidemic

E. Parizo

Summary Bullets:

  • WannaCry, the largest-ever ransomware attack, is likely a harbinger of what’s to come.
  • The emergence of ransomware highlights the importance of tying security to data backup and recovery.

Suddenly, the whole world knows about ransomware.

While ransomware is no secret to those in the cybersecurity industry who have seen a steadily growing number of isolated incidents, to everyone else, ransomware made its presence broadly known late last week. The largest-ever single ransomware incident, a variant of the WannaCrypt strain known (aptly) as WannaCry, caught tens of thousands of organizations in at least 150 countries by surprise, likely causing millions if not billions in damage. Continue reading “WannaCrypt Global Ransomware Attack Highlights a Worsening Data Hijacking Epidemic”