SD-WAN Value Blog, Part 1: Evolving the WAN to Drive Customer Experience Transformation

J. Stradling
J. Stradling

Summary Bullets:

  • SD-WAN gives managed service providers opportunities to drive customer loyalty and move up the value chain.
  • Staying in one place is no longer an option in the managed WAN services segment.
  • An agile network is essential for enterprises wanting to be the champions of great customer experience within their specific segment.

Moving Up the Value Chain

SD-WAN offers managed service providers considerable opportunities to drive loyalty from clients as well as offer multiple layers of value-added products around data center and cloud, WAN acceleration, applications performance management, and firewall security. In fact, these are already table stakes in the market today. Many physical appliance-based network features and functions are increasingly becoming available as software-defined network services, in the form of more unique and BYOD-style VNFs being part of expanding menus.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Staying in one place is no longer an option in the managed WAN services segment. This is because platform developers, ISPs, cloud providers, and other telcos are moving quickly in developing SD-WAN offerings. Technology disruption means that businesses and operators have to continue moving quickly to adapt – for example, evolving WAN services to remain viable in a highly competitive landscape.

Direct Correlation Between Agile Networking and an Amazing Customer Experience

Achieving an agile network is an essential progression for enterprises that want to be the champions of great customer experience within their specific segment. GlobalData research indicates that in order to transform customer experience, the first steps are internal-facing – for example, a transformation of the employee experience. Part of this may very well require more flexible remote branch offices for an increasingly casualized workforce. Certainly, traditional WAN technologies are struggling with the new demands of virtualized IT and the massive move to hybrid cloud. We think that managed SD-WAN is a fantastic opportunity for enterprises; indeed, there is a WAN evolution imperative for driving a transformed customer experience. There are several examples that prove this point across various verticals: from fast-food to banking.

In the next blog in this series (“SD-WAN Value Blog, Part 2”), we will explore how a handful of companies have put the concepts outlined above to good use in real implementations. We will also identify the specific SD-WAN opportunities for service providers for moving up the value chain in their contracts with enterprise customers.

To hear more about this theme, I will be presenting at FutureWAN’18 on January 26, 2018 at 11:00am EST. I will share more around GlobalData’s SD-WAN and customer experience findings as well as examine in greater detail service provider examples of how managed SD-WANs are being deployed. Click here for the registration link.

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