What’s New in Enterprise Mobility Services?

K. Weldon
K. Weldon

Summary Bullets:

• The enterprise mobility services market is often seen as a cash cow, with a relatively static set of offerings hampered by a number of commoditized market segments (e.g.,a MDM), with few innovative service introductions.

• However, GlobalData’s latest analysis of this market shows clearly that there are still new often-innovative capabilities being introduced by operators that not only help business customers but also provide market differentiation.

GlobalData’s Competitive Landscape Assessment of the Global Enterprise Mobility Services market describes, ranks, and analyzes the latest portfolios and new service launches of top mobile operators (including AT&T, BT, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Business Services, Telefonica, Verizon, and Vodafone). The report also analyzes the key trends in the market.

The report discloses that not only is enterprise mobility still an important mainstay of service providers’ portfolios, but over the last six months, most operators have added new capabilities and services. So what is new in the market? The list below highlights the most interesting new offerings of these Tier 1 service providers.

• AT&T has integrated the capabilities of its mobile voice focused AT&T Collaborate – Enhanced Mobile, into AT&T Collaborate, its hosted voice and collaboration solution. This gives users a mobile-first, native dialing option which allows them to make and receive phone calls without opening an app.

• BT on-boarded additional capabilities from Mobile Iron, including Mobile Iron access and threat defense, to add strength and choice to cloud and end point security capabilities.

• Deutsche Telekom launched a Device Lifecycle Management offering, a professional out-tasking service comprising five modules for the efficient administration of mobile devices.

• Orange Business Services developed an operator agnostic Multi-sourcing Service Integration (MSI) strategy to offload customers’ mobility management functions including contract management, incidents and requests management, process automation, integration and service management.

• Telefonica added innovative options to its TEM service by tapping its big data capabilities to provide insights on departmental usage, spend comparisons and other useful metrics for HR, procurement and management. It also includes SIP trunking and IoT spend/usage information.

• Verizon has several new offers: Voice Cypher; Cisco Meraki MX67/68 with integrated Verizon 4G LTE; Verizon Digital Signage; and Verizon Augmented Reality Field Worker.

• Vodafone’s new offerings include: a Device Lifecycle Strategy consultancy package plus ability to track orders online, and a TCO modeling tool; VDM Cloud, i.e., MobileIron’s cloud service for EMM; Zimperium-based Threat Manager; VTR integration with Global SIP Trunking, One Net and in future IoT; Program Management services for complex digital transformation projects; Cove portal for cross-product questions and trouble reporting.

There clearly remain areas of growth. While MDM/EMM is now table stakes, more advanced mobile security solutions for identity management and real-time threat management continue to emerge, along with tiered services and bundles. Many service providers have streamlined, rationalized or restructured their enterprise mobility portfolios, for a simpler and easier to buy solution set. End-to-end vertical packages and productized consulting deliverables are being introduced that help service providers appeal to businesses trying to sort through and assemble the right pieces to custom-fit their requirements. While already a long-time staple of ITSPs’ capabilities, application development and management are finally becoming areas of focus for many operators. The holistic view of enterprise mobility as a driver of digital transformation, along with other capabilities such as big data analysis, the IoT, AI, and unified communications, is a common theme among mobile operators and ITSPs alike.


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