At NASSCOM 2019, Executives Shared Best Practices for Addressing New Opportunities

R. Bhattacharyya

Summary Bullets:

  • IT services players must change their ways to be more effective partners to their clients.
  • At the NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF) 2019, held in Mumbai, India in late February, Indian and international industry leaders shared best practices for managing AI’s impact on staff, reskilling teams, developing deeper customer relationships, and cultivating a culture that embraces change.

It’s not only about finding the right technology, curating large amounts of data, or identifying the best use cases. Successful AI depends on changing business processes. We often focus on the change that needs to take place at the enterprise, but what about the changes that IT services providers need to make in order to better serve their customers? IT services players must also change their ways to be more effective partners to their clients.

At NTLF 2019, IT services providers came together to discuss emerging technology trends, not only from a solutions perspective, but from a broader perspective as well. Leaders from Wipro, TCS, Capgemini, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra, as well as senior executives from up-and-coming smaller contenders such as NIIT, Mphasis, Zensar, Hexaware, and Mindtree (to name a few), came to Mumbai to join this conversation on preparing for the next opportunities. They discussed best practices for managing the impact of AI on their internal staff, the importance of reskilling, ways to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with clients, and how to cultivate an internal culture that embraces change along with uncertainty.

The event kicked off with a discussion of AI’s impact on jobs. It addressed concerns around the replacement of human workers by machines – a topic that is still top of mind in India, a country that built its IT foundation on business process outsourcing years ago. However, the dialogue quickly turned to reskilling teams, not just customer service agents, but also senior level managers, since AI has the potential to impact tasks performed across all levels of an organization.

Developing the soft skills required to better partner with clients when working on complex emerging solutions was also a key theme during NTLF 2019. Senior leaders emphasized the need to promote a sense of empathy that would allow teams to better listen, better understand, and ultimately better communicate with clients during engagements. Executives noted that not only did the sales conversations need to change, but the ways in which these conversations were being held needed to evolve – an essential shift to deepening and expanding client interactions.

And finally, cultivating an internal culture that embraces change was also a key theme. Industry leaders noted that in order to compete effectively in a world that is changing rapidly, their corporate culture needs to be less risk-averse, to learn from failures more quickly, and to embrace uncertainty.

With expertise in AI, automation, cloud, big data, and cybersecurity, as well as a strong global presence, Indian IT services players know they are well positioned to help enterprises embrace digital transformation. They came to NTLF 2019 to share best practices in addressing the next emerging opportunities.

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