Edge Computing Will Underpin Long-Term Digital Transformation Strategies

G. Barton
G. Barton

Summary Bullets:

  • Edge computing can enable a wide range of technologies as part of a digital transformation program.
  • Edge computing supports low-latency services and offers new ‘branch in a box’ capabilities.

AT&T’s 2019 Business Summit had a big focus on edge computing. AT&T offers a convincing vision with use cases for both its multi-access edge compute (MEC) and network edge compute (NEC) platforms. However, the questions from the enterprises present at the event suggested that many are uncertain about what edge computing means and what it may offer their businesses. This is unsurprising, as the majority of service providers are still developing their own models for deploying edge compute capabilities, let alone offering fully formed go-to-market models. Continue reading “Edge Computing Will Underpin Long-Term Digital Transformation Strategies”