Sea Change in Technology Purchasing

S. Schuchart

Summary Bullets:

• The days of IT making technology decisions by itself is gone, and the business has the main say now.

• The faster business and IT can accept this new reality the better the relationship and future for the company.

At Cisco’s Partner Summit in 2019, CEO Chuck Robbins said something that while apparent, does showcase the reality that the nature of the IT buyer is changing.

“Never has technology been more important to customers and never have they cared less about the details of that technology.” – Chuck Robbins

It has been clear for years that IT is a fundamental enabler of business. IT administrators have often been frustrated and stymied by corporate attitudes that IT is a cost center, to be contained and streamlined. Well, business has woken up and not only is the C-suite interested in technology, but individual lines of business are becoming the primary drivers of new business. Digitization of business further accelerates the trend, with the business taking a direct hand to use technology to get closer to the customer. Continue reading “Sea Change in Technology Purchasing”