Kubernetes, Service Mesh, API Security, and Low-Code to Dominate DevOps in 2020

Charlotte Dunlap – Principal Analyst, Application Platforms

Summary Bullets:

• Kubernetes, service mesh, and low-code will drive DevOps’ innovations

• API security will enhance API gateway offerings

Kubernetes to Consolidate OpenStack:

In 2020 Kubernetes will bridge technologies between the OpenStack and platform providers’ market segments, highlighting the growing role of traditional infrastructure vendors in app modernization. Kubernetes has obtained the power to rally, helping infrastructure and cloud providers alike build out their systems and solutions in ways that take advantage of the benefits of cloud services. Cloud providers are preparing cloud management tools to enable better collaboration under a DevOps model and help enterprises through the entire process from building containerized apps to managing Kubernetes clusters, to providing fixes and debugging potential problems. A continued emphasis will be made on new and enhanced OSS technologies in ongoing efforts to improve Kubernetes.

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